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Exhibition Kidnapping a Sculpture, Message Salon @ Perla Mode, Zürich / August 25 - 28, 2010

Work statement:

Stripes of colored wallpaper will be hanged to the wall, not glued, which should accentuate a contradiction, a minimal sculptural presence. The piece, although it is formally basic, intends to work in several directions mixing color study with decorative with conceptual interests. The final result: strips of color will occupy message salon for three days, colors will organize and create different environments at message salon, these same areas will serve as the background of an event (the season opening) and of the public it self in this event.  

The title of this exhibition is after an action realized by the artist Vassilakis Takis, who on January 3, 1969, “marched into New York’s Museum of Modern Art, unplugged his kinetic piece Tele-sculpture (1960), and retreated to the MoMA garden with the piece in hand” (Julia Bryan-Wilson, “Art Workers“, page 13).